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I just got my first ever twitter death threat! I’m Rachael, obviously, and I was following the Oscar Pistorius coverage and when this Martin fellow noticed my comment on the domestic abuse side of things, he commented that the victim being a woman was “irrespective”. I replied with facts and the fantastic War On Women graphic which I’ve included as evidence as to why it did matter.

In response I got the above. If the image isn’t clear, Martin said, “fuck me. Chill out. Pity you weren’t in Pretoria, he could’ve done the world a favor and blown your head off too.”

I’m not going to lie: it scared me a little and it hurt and it made me want to cry. It also made me angry. It made me feel vindicated. Casual talk of violence against women is exactly part of the problem. I’ve just never had it directed at me like this before from a complete stranger a literal world away. It was a slap in the face and I’m still a little breathless.

It makes me more determined though. Talk about the Steenkamp murder. Talk about what Pistorius did to her. Talk about the casual violence in speech and action because it happens all the time.

It happened to me less than an hour ago. It needs to stop. Now.

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    Hey, Martin? I’ve got some things to say to you. Don’t fuck with my Rachael. Just don’t. Back the fuck off, go sit down...
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